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July 6 at the Fifth Street Estates

Man, the punkin plants are godzillas! The sweet peas have started to flower and the lima beans are climbing the poles. The cukes are growing well, too. The lettuce crop that was trashed has produced three red lettuce, two green lettuce and on kale; out of all I planted that is a disappointment. And yet, I have eaten six salads using these greens, so that part is working out. The radishes are all gone, and they were delicious. I have let a couple of the sturdier specimens grow big to flowering. This is a test to see if I get any “free range” radishes this fall…

Today my fellow campesino, Max, came by baring tomato and what he thinks are broccolli starts to add to the cropage. We got them all in the ground and gave them a boost with some compost tea I have been experimenting with. Finally, I have two patches of flowers I planted. I have never been good at knowing plants but Max showed me which were nasturtiums and we ate some. Who would have thought I would be grazing on my flowers?


Fifth Street Estates 6/14/09

This week pumpkins made their appearance and sweet peas have reached the first string for clinging. Lima beans are looking kind of mixed, as are pickling cukes. I have high hopes for my cukes because there are few treats better than a great pickle, and I have had the best. Lettuce is not coming along as fast as I would like, nor have my flowers. On the other hand, I have been munching two kinds of radishes–apparently any idiot can grow them. Evidence of carrots is scarce and I am concerned about that. Finally, I have gotten my design for a greenhouse settled. It is a modification of one I found on line that was four times bigger than I need. This one will be small, but will meet my needs.

Fifth Street Estates June 7, 09

Lima beans, peas and pickling cukes are up and going like gang busters. I strung some twine for the peas to climb on. Beets and radishes are going well, although I am disappointed at not seeing any carrots (which I co-planted at the same time)yet. I am still sorting out the lettuce catastrophe that occurred from the runaway sprinkler. There seems to be a lot of “free range” lettuce in the area that got wiped out so that will yield something. Other stuff is growing but I will confess I don’t know if it’s weeds or crops. Some weeds I know but others I am not sure about. As stuff gets bigger, I will be able to sort it all out.
I planted some pumkins this week, too.

I can’t brag about my green thumb yet, but since there is something growing, I am not a herbicide.

Fifth Street Estates May 25, 2009

Let there be lettuce.
I spent some time out on the Fifth Street Estates acreage today and to my delight, the sprinkling tractor incident didn’t wipe my entire crop of lettuce. There, where I planted them, their rows somewhat mangled and misshapen, were the remnants of what I had planted. I also planted some lima beans, cukes (because I have the TOP SECRET HM recipe for the world’s BEST dill pickles) and some more flowers. In my starter indoor crops, two out of a hundred seem to be showing life. I am discouraged about the rest–so much for getting a head start…

Fifth Street Estates May 24, 2009

Now I have carrots, beets, radishes, lettuces, and peas planted, as well as some varieties of flowers.

I had a possible setback this week when my landlord set out the little tractor sprinklers to water the lawn.  One of the little tractors got off course and drove right into my lettuce patch. The water was blasting down on the lettuce and kale and I have no idea how much of myplanting is lost, if any at all. My nice neat rows may have been blasted to chaos!  So, in that respect, I may get a mixed green crop!

My raspberries and strawberries seem to be doing well with lots of new growth both in terms of new leaves an cane growth. Rhubarb, which has been growing in the same place for a million years, is growing up nicely and I will be eating some this week.

The garden still looks like a dirt patch, but I am seeing green things coming up.  This week I hope to be able to discern the difference between the weeds and crops.

Fifth Street Estates May 11,2009

Ever since Dig Day I have been removing sod, grass rhizomes and other stuff from my garden space. I have put every cubic yard of soil through a soil screen and removed rocks bigger than a walnut. I found lots of worms which I treated with respect and care (they are my partners!). There were also a lot of brown beetles in the grass roots–they turned darker in the sun. I have some seeds started inside but nothing has sprouted which has discouraged me. I have raspberries and strawberries in and they are growing. Rhubarb, which has been around forever, is doing well. More stuff going in the ground this week.