We Dig Plants

I just got word about a new radio show on the incredible Heritage Radio Network out of NY. If you don’t know about HRN, the station’s got a station for every sort of local foodie–the cook, the grower, the local food system policymaker. And for the musically inclined there’s Snacky Tunes which had they listened to the crack of my leek whip would have been called Carrot Noise. But owell. The new show is called We Dig Plants and you can stream each program here.

I’m not sure whether it’s completely relevant to the whole vegetable/pseudo wiccan/community organizing principles of 1kng, but no one can argue against its value…With such a stunning description that makes me think of the Pollan’s Botany of Desire, I can only think of its importance as we proceed forward with this community redevelopment project.

“Garden designers, Carmen Devito & Alice Marcus Krieg of Groundworks Inc, will delve into our human relationship with plants: as food, medicine, fodder and as a source of beauty and inspiration. We’ll bring the “culture” to horticulture and discuss such topics as: botany how to, cultivation, horticultural history, garden design trends and all things generally budding.”

Plus…it’s winter. Is there a better time to listen casually about plants?


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  1. Posted by green prawn on January 27, 2010 at 7:07 am

    Under the frosty crust of winter, things are stirring in the City of One Thousand New Gardeners. Oh, yes, there will soon be a Seedluck dinner to talk about our gardens’ upcoming fecundity. Oh, yes, there will be new gardeners. And, yes, 1KNG is making new friends to help create a bright future. Plan to be part of it! Be ready to jump in and put your shoulder to the wheel on some part of the vehicle. There is much to learn and much to share, but isn’t that life in a peapod?


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