the economy of growing your own food

In an effort to not be redundant and post this in a third spot, I am going to just invite you all over to read my recent post at The Hip Homemaker on how I have tried to be economical in creating my first year garden… See you over there!


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  1. Posted by bluebarnfarmer on August 7, 2009 at 2:11 am

    Great post–everyone should read it!

    Could you give me the skinny on the local farmer who supplies the good chicken feed? I’m looking into a pair of groovy hens myself and definitely trying to gauge whether I can afford it right now…maybe if we started up an egg share for neighbors and whatnot…idunno…there was a neat post on craigslist about a $25 coop, which I’m thinking of investing in and dubbing “Plenty Coop.” Thanks for the inspiration, Hip!


  2. I actually get the feed at Ace Hardware, but it comes from a feed grower in Hamilton, Lakeland Feeds.


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