A Little Payoff and Some Meandering

squashDepsite one of the most persistent stomach bugs I’ve had the misfortune to encounter, I did manage to wander out to the garden for a few minutes this weekend to hunt for the zuchinis that I knew would be out there. Sure ’nuff, I nabbed 4 good-sized beauties plus a couple of summer squash. Last year, I started both of these veggies indoors, and didn’t have much luck with the summer squash. This year, I threw ’em right in the ground and they are doing quite well.

Other updates: I have some green tomatoes but not a ton. I was so excited to get eggplant in the ground AND to see 4 or 5 blossoms, but I don’t think they’re going to do anything. The plants are looking a little yellow and wilty. I’ve been having a really hard time thinning my carrots…I just hate pulling out plants and tossing them. I get tough with them every few days though, and they’re starting to actually look like carrots when I thin them now.

I was so excited to have a bunch of volunteer sunflowers from last year, but it turns out they have invited along a big, fat infestation of aphids. I’ve tried not to be too freaked out about it…the ladybugs are plentiful. Unfortunately, so are the ants. I’ve picked off a few of the worst infested leaves, but have left the ladybugs to their work. They’ve always been my favorite bug…actually the only one I like. Except for worms. And bees.


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  1. Posted by bluebarnfarmer on August 7, 2009 at 4:36 am

    *Sending out good vibes to the eggplants and ladybugs in yer life tonight**

    I too hate thinnin’. Planting, okay. Weeding, just dandy. But wasting seed, energy, and time with thinning? — I know it’s good for those hairy orange roots but…gah!

    I just learned the trick of combining carrots and radish seeds in my hand and letting the radishes come up first, pulling them and letting the carrots have that extra room…seemed to work for the fall planting today, but the next year’s virtuous act will be spacing the seeds out more.


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