the fruits of my labor

I am so excited to see the harvest coming in this week.  It really is a snowball effect.  It starts with one little turnip, a couple of cucumbers and then suddenly it is madly out of control.

This week I pulled up all of my turnips and prepped them for a potato turnip gratin I will bake for a dinner party Tuesday night.  I also harvested 15 good-sized pickling cucs, my first yellow squash and of course a bowl full of salad greens.  My broccoli is getting really close and the blooms on the cantelope, zucchini and yellow squash tell me that they are not far behind.  A few tomatoes are starting to turn from green to various shades of yellow and red.  And I am already designing next year’s garden in my head, doubling my beds and planning the placement better for rotation.

Here are a few pictures of the garden this week:

Yellow Squash

Yellow Squash







Squash Blossom

Yellow Squash Blossom

Sweet Peppers

Sweet Peppers

You can see a few more shots in my Flickr photostream...


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  1. Posted by bluebarnfarmer on July 27, 2009 at 12:43 am

    I’d love to see what yer beds are filled with (aerial view) today and yer plans for next year…that could be an interesting post for next week!

    Great photos, it was great to see such a bounty!


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