Watering Follow-up

I was asked to provide more details of my soaker-system setup, and better pics. The pics will be added to this post this weekend, but in case anyone was really waiting for this info, here it is:

I got my inspiration at the Mr. Drip website. Laugh if you will, but there are some good graphics of different systems. I based mine on the Split-T system (scroll down on the page link above and you’ll see the pic labeled ‘For Rows and Gardens.’ Then I just went to Home Depot and cobbled together whatever I could find.

gardenMap Here’s an illustration of my gardens and soaker system. This is not to scale, and under no circumstances did I do this at work. You’ll see for the big bed, I assembled one long pipeline of shorter threaded pieces interspersed with threaded Ts, which I fitted with a connector that I then shoved the hose onto. It wasn’t easy, and my wrists were sore for days. For the most part, all of them are working fine. I had one piece of hose that split every day…not sure if the connector was too big or what. I finally gave up on continually trimming past the split, and just wrapped the end of the soaker in duct tape and shoved it right into the connector. I’m nothing if not…well…lazy.

For the smaller beds, I just wound soakers around them, and connected them to either a hose, or a T-connection fashioned from the same pipe-and-connector assembly.

timerI bought a basic timer for about $40 at Lowes, and ran a 4-valve manifold off of that. I have 3 garden hoses connected, and an extra valve to fill up buckets or rinse stuff off. My spigot post looks a bit like some kind of octopus, but we are going to relocate it to the back of the garden this fall, so it should be a bit tidier.

I will take more detailed photos of the individual pieces this weekend, and track down the brands of the stuff I used.

If y’all have suggestions for brands/equipment you’ve used, I would love to hear them!


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  1. Posted by James on August 3, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Thanks for this followup post! This should help a lot when I get started next season on a more sophisticated watering setup.


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