Finally have my raised garden planted!

Hello! Due to not having internet at my apartment all week I am just finally getting around to blogging about the awesome raised garden that I won! So I went out and got some soil and had to displace all the daddy long leg spiders who had taken residence in the container. I planted a zucchini squash in the top tier of the container so that it can have room to grow out of the container. On the bottom (from left to right) I planted a white eggplant, a yellow pepper, carrots in front, and a tomato plant. I am very excited to see my plants grroooww!! The whole garden is located out in a sunny area behind my apartment. It should get enough light there and won’t be drowned by the automatic sprinklers either. I don’t know how well the tomato will do since it was in a large pot with four other plants and now it has to get used to a new situation, but I will keep you all updated!! Thanks again MasterGardens and 1,000 New gardens! I will get back when there is more to tell!


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