Let’s swap stories (from the field and the kitchen)

Gardening for vegetables really seems like a spectrum of intemacy. And the farther along in the season, the less careful I am with the produce.

Thinking back to the beginning of the season when those first suckers (or seedlings if you’re not into the whole brevity thing) are ready to transplant, every motion is filled with too much movement. ‘No, arm–don’t figit’ and ‘shit’ were phrases that filled my thoughts and the sound waves.

After the shallets and lettuces and, now, basil survived transplants and seedings these things seem indestructible. The precense of funky bugs and maybe even a fungal disease in the tomatoes haven’t taken it out of them. Nor has MT.

The only non-resilient plant thus far has been the eggplant which is unfortunate because that’s my all-time fave vegetable. It’s been torn to shreds by the potato (read:eggplant) beetle.

Yesterday we ate a spinach salad with potatoes alongside an excellent taco filled with the following:







-1/4 tsp salt

I highly recommend it–because most everything can be harvested from yer Missoula patch, and that is honestly part of what makes it SO good. Love, BBF


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