July 6 at the Fifth Street Estates

Man, the punkin plants are godzillas! The sweet peas have started to flower and the lima beans are climbing the poles. The cukes are growing well, too. The lettuce crop that was trashed has produced three red lettuce, two green lettuce and on kale; out of all I planted that is a disappointment. And yet, I have eaten six salads using these greens, so that part is working out. The radishes are all gone, and they were delicious. I have let a couple of the sturdier specimens grow big to flowering. This is a test to see if I get any “free range” radishes this fall…

Today my fellow campesino, Max, came by baring tomato and what he thinks are broccolli starts to add to the cropage. We got them all in the ground and gave them a boost with some compost tea I have been experimenting with. Finally, I have two patches of flowers I planted. I have never been good at knowing plants but Max showed me which were nasturtiums and we ate some. Who would have thought I would be grazing on my flowers?


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by bluebarnfarmer on July 7, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    Free Range! Yeeeha!

    Hey, keep us posted on how well the broccoli transplant goes…considering that I dropped ’em on the way over and the cabbage moths have feasted upon their outards, this will be an excellent test of their durability.

    PS. When are you going to release the top secret greenhouse plans?


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