Wanna trade?

As I stumbled around messing with hoses this morning, I was happy to note tiny pods on my peas! Hooray! The carrots are looking fine, as are the summer squash, beans, zuchini and pumpkins. I threw in some birdhouse gourd seeds, after the transplants withered away…and those seed took FOREVER to germinate. Two weeks maybe? But now a new one is popping up every day. I’m going to have to thin out the summer squash and zukes before I head out on vacation next week…anyone willing to claim them? I’ve read that they don’t really like to have their roots disturbed, but if we’re real careful, we might get them moved before they notice. If you have watermelon or canteloupe seedlings you need to thin, I’d be happy to trade. They probably won’t like it either, but it’s worth a shot!

Anyone else’s spinach about to bolt? I can see the seed heads forming. I’m thinking about yanking it and moving my artichokes over there, so I stop stepping on them.

We are eating strawberries with almost every meal. I am going to pick some more tomorrow morning, in hopes that I can get some freezer jam made before we head out on Tuesday.

Cross your fingers that my sister (who will be house-sitting) remembers to water! Or that I get my timer installed before we leave!


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  1. Posted by 1000 New Gardens on July 14, 2009 at 6:37 pm

    Hey I hope the watering worked out while you were gone and maybe that you found a squash lover to take them off yer hands!

    Feel free to give me a call anytime you need a watering enthusiast to help out when yer heading out of town. My number is 4062146664.



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