Why I’d like to just play a tune of many lettuces next year

Earlier this spring, I was a carbon copy of Dr. Frankenstein as I helped Tanya Olsen plant the arugula and kale, the carrots and lettuce and hon tsai thai. I worked a bit diligently, hoping my creation would come alive (Note: this is my first year of gardening ever, although I’m quickly realizing that yes of course, my ancestors did it and, so, like the salmon that swim upstream to spawn, I do likewise cultivating life in the soil). Trusting that my chard seeds will germinate to the surface of the Earth, and waiting that extra couple of days before reseeding a fallow spot was just one of this year’s lessons.

Anyways, I discovered yesterday that nothing had changed. I was the same carbon copy DR. F — I was tearing down my creation (due to the boltingness of arugula) in the interest of life, different lives in the plant community. It was easy to salvage what leftover small leaves hung from the plants–I ate them as I ripped the plants out of the ground and stripped some leaves for pesto. I’ll let everyone know how well wilted arugula leaf pesto turns out soon enough.

There’s more bad news for another fruit bearing crop. Right now we think the tomatos are serving a terrible life sentence due to Verticillium Wilt (follow link for the cold, hard science). Come to the farm to put yourself in the tomato’s shoes (and stripes). Here’s a photo, although in the early stages of whatever we’re seeing (fungus, pest, …) the leaves are not brown, but curled. It’s interesting, when I visited the Fifth Street Estates last week we noticed the same sort of leaf curlage but there were bugs in those leaves. There was little to no evidence, however, that insects at the farm were the “evil doers.”

The website says, should you ever have the V-wilt, part of the solution to the soil fungus lies in the chosen seed variety..some seeds are evidently more resistant. I’m going to do some research about which tomato seeds and report back, and with photographs. Until then, keep them Early Girl tomatoes in your thoughts! Love Ya, the BBF


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