Finding Our Niche

Yippee to every voter, email spreader, writer and every new gardener. Whether we win 10,000 smackers or not, we will continue to support Missoula’s burgeoning interest in all things Arugula, Chard, Pumpkin. The response has been overwhelming and it’s been an excellent week to talk to people about the project’s vision and how other people’s vegetable patches are fairing.

Polls end tonight (Tuesday), but the comments keep coming. This comment by rakasome may as well become our new gardener hoorah…

“And what a great way to bring the thread of community over the high fences between backyards. Mr. 1000Gardens, tear down this wall!”

Thank you’s go out to the NewWest‘s Amy Linn, jhwygirl at 4&20 Blackbirds, Michael Moore of the Missoulian, and all of the people who have new gardeners interested in becoming one of the 2010 greatest new gardens in the world! We’ll be organizing volunteers for you for the fall Dig Day. Oh, it’s going to be another post-modern event. To volunteer or stay in touch with the group’s growth, contact us at

And, OF COURSE, don’t forget to keep reading these excellent journal updates of this year’s new gardeners.


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  1. Perfect!


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