“Mom, I helped 1,000 New Gardens get $10,000 today!”

As we speak, 1,000 New Gardens volunteers are leading a campaign to mobilize Missoulians to support our vision. The word on the street (maybe you’ve heard it, maybe you should spread it, maybe you should open the window and yell it out loud) is that 1,000 New Gardens is one of eight ideas in the nation that could win $10,000.

Well, it’s true. And helping 1,000 New Gardens reach this goal is sooo stinking easy… Easier than picking out vegetable varieties to grow or simply picking a ripe cherry tomato. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS VOTE HERE at the Ideablob homepage and let 10 friends know about this opportunity for Missoula to expand its nutritional capacity. Below you’ll find a sample email to send out to other aspiring gardeners!

Each project in the contest was told on Tuesday morning about all of the exciting ways to “Get Out The Vote” … about how some project organizers do not sleep during the voting period. We put our heads together and said together, “we can do this with sleep” and began brainstorming ideas for letting the community know about the vote. We’re hanging in there, but we need your help! Let’s encourage our neighbors to look over the fence at our project and provide a model for gardening together that other communities can employ.

Peas, 1kng Missoula

Sample Email


Peas, 1000 New Gardens

1,000 New Gardens Missoula …

  • Could win $10,000
  • Is one of eight ideas in the nation accepted at ideablob.com
  • The winner is chosen by online voters
  • You can help us win, it’s as easy as voting online


1)Register at ideablob.com

2)You’ll receive a confirmation email

3)Vote on the homepage

4)Recycle this emailpass it on to friends, family, Missoulians!


What is 1,000 New Gardens Missoula?

We think it’s time to provide communities with a model for gardening together using the spirit of neighborhood potlucks, the Victory Garden Movement and Americorps. 1000 New Gardens is a volunteer-led project that aims to promote organic household vegetable gardening in Missoula, Montana, by sharing resources, techniques and information.

How will we use $10,000 if we win?

1000 New Gardens plans to focus grant money on community outreach and financially supporting the gardening ambition of low-income households. In order to create a community-based body of knowledge about local gardening, the group created and maintains a web-based interactive blog where local gardeners express ideas, questions and other information. If awarded the grant, 1,000 New Gardens will also use it to improve and increase content about gardening techniques and information. The group also understands the importance of face-to-face interaction. Part of the funding will propel “local agriculture” by establishing neighborhood tool and canning libraries, plot sharing, volunteer labor to start new gardens, seed-ordering and vegetable harvest potlucks, and garden workshops.

The group helped 12 new gardeners this year organize volunteers to remove sod, bring in manure from local farms, use tools from the MUD tool library, and reuse materials from Home Resource.

Would you like to be one of the 38 new greatest gardeners in the world in 2010?

Email us: 1000newgardens@gmail.com

And see what vegetables you’re getting into at the blogsite: https://1000newgardens.wordpress.com/


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