Kinda Sorta

So I’ve decided that next year, maybe I just won’t start seeds at all. The plants that I started from seed either haven’t made or are barely holding on by a thread. Maybe I started them too late this year? Maybe they needed another month? Maybe I wasn’t consistent enough with my watering? I think next year, I will start melons (canteloupe and watermelon) only, since they need a longer season, and just make do with seedlings. Or veggies that have enough time to grow when direct-seeded.

garden-june 001

happy peas

On the plus side, I used legume innoculant on my pea seeds this year, and holy cow! What a difference! The first batch has flowers and the second sowing (about 3 weeks later) is coming right along too. I also used it on my green bean seeds (1st time veggie for me) and they’re looking pretty happy, too.

garden-june 006

happy beans

And although the deer ate my raspberries down to nubs over the winter, they look pretty fat and happy too. AND I discovered the first smiling red, almost-ripe strawberries this morning! When I told the boys, they were speechless with delight and anticipation. They’ve been out there poking around the bird netting this week, itching to get their hands on some berries.

garden-june 004


OK…I’m feeling a little less like a garden moron, and a little more like it might be worth it. 🙂


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  1. Posted by bluebarnfarmer on June 25, 2009 at 6:53 pm

    Great Photos and writin’! I’m more of a start-from-scratch guy, so it’s interesting to hear you transitioning from seeding directly to indirect (seedling) planting. I hope you’ll let us know the difference next year and whether it’s worth it.

    Here’s a planting sched. tested by time and the uber experts (, the Missoula County Extension Office. Page 5 recommends starting melons for transplants in April (3-4 weeks before last frost) and planting those many-colored puppies in early June…

    Every year is different and it’s nice to move and groove to what’s worked for you in the past as well as checking the KPAX forecast… I think of it as more of a “when in doubt” more than a “when in Missoula” guide for planting…

    Love ya, BBF


  2. Thanks for the response, BBF. I have that calendar on my bedside table, believe it or not (garden literature is very soothing to read before going to sleep) but being relatively new to the whole organized gardening thing, I feel like I just haven’t established a routine yet. I’m sure I will change my mind about seeds in the long, dark days of January…but right now, I’m impatient for bigger plants.


  3. Actually I should say the real hitch in my gardening routine is needing to tend to two small children. Things don’t always [ever] go as planned!


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