Garden From The North Country

Today I feel inspired to write… Inspired by the rain, really. While the view of the many-ridged Mission Mountain Range tempts my gaze, most of the seconds I spend North of Misoula in Moiese, Montana, are dedicated to the top 3 inches (0r less) of sandy loam at my giant feet.


Whoever tells you an organic farm or garden is the most pure, tranquil, utopian existence is wrong. It is and it isn’t. I’ve killed to protect plants under cultivation…

“See pests, pick them off or hose them off. That’s about it, but it works. Healthy plants don’t have too many insect problems, to tell the truth. Bugs and diseases move in on a plant when it is already going down, the same way you’ll catch a cold when you’re stressed” — from The Urban Homestead.

…mainly potato beetles, although we’re also attempting to rid the bok choi of its aphidsoi with an organicide. In these patches of murder by liquid and “the two rock crunch”, I’ve also found a kill-deer nest of 3 dotted egges. ‘Life and death’, I say, as I weed patches of their mallow, their pigweed, their chickweed, and toss the “weeds” into the compost and the pigweed into my evening salad. The killed in the garden contribute to the life of everything else in quick albeit meandering ways.


In any case…the chard, kale, hon tsai tai, three lettuces, radishes, tomatoes, eggplant, fava beans, and peas seem to be growing well. My cohorts and I forgot to put the starter solution on the favas before we planted them 2 inches down…and yet they came up. The watermelon and pumpkin are in the ground as of Sunday (perhaps not recommended for the colder Missoula climate just yet), and the bok choi, kale, cucumber, and potato plants are the only ruffians that seem to be strugglin’.


Feeling very disconnected from the outside world. Comforted by the fact that at a time when the commentators can’t be separated from the chicken littles, it’s nice to be able to put up a tippee and create a life where you can be made to feel like you’re in control (even though can’t shake the fact that you never really are in the garden).


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by greenprawn on June 16, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    Love it. Just frackin’ love it. Keep the words coming, your Green Underbelly-ness. Find us a picture!


  2. Posted by 1,000 New Gardens on June 17, 2009 at 1:14 pm

    Down here in Murderland, the post for the health care potluck (7pm tomorrow) is in the doors of the neighbors. Love you! Don’t get too worried about killing and eating, killing and eating–this is how worms make their way through the guts of kings (Hamlet) and put the castings (us) to good use. “I am he and he is she and we are we and we are all together.” (Lennon-McCartney) A strange package came for you today. (SG)


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