my garden this week

Here are a few shots of the little plants coming to life or growing big and strong in my garden this week…

(broccoli, from the free, frost bitten starts I got at the nursery )

(cauliflower, which is also from the free starts and was only chosen because it was free)

(I did not properly record this planting on my map, I think it is a turnip, but may be a beet. Anyone know for sure?)

(cucumbers for pickling from the free starts)

(the first little bean to pop through)


(big spinach leaves, which I actually picked and ate in a salad for dinner last night)

(one of my 8 tomato plants, 7 heirloom and this cherry)

(nasturtiums in pots around the chicken coop. I also planted peas in here, although kind of late. we’ll see what happens)

(sunflowers in a small garden between the fence and coop. i’ve never done sunflowers before, but now I get why everyone loves them. they are growing soooooo fast and are so easy)


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