1kng at the Love Your Mother Earth Festival

Hola campesinos!

1,000 New Gardens hopes to see you at the Love Yer Mother Earth Festival this weekend at Lolo Hot Springs!

This is the next installment of our “Get Out The Garden” efforts–our goal is to attract 10 new gardeners for 2010 to the network and have a little fun doing it. The plan at our table is to paint 1kng logos on top of reused political signs for the top 10 gardeners in the world, give out strawberry plants to little spuds (kids) because we’ve heard they’re companion plants, and work on sequestering able-bodies for the gardening con kids dates coming up in June and July and also the fall dig days. We’re also thinking about running a bit of an anti-lawn campaign at the festival to inform citizens about the wastefulness of lawns and the soul power that organic vegetable gardens bring into a front or backyard. Ya dig?


One response to this post.

  1. Hi folks,

    Wanted to send a copy of our fall issue of Zone 4 to you….there’s an article in it about 1KNG….Please let me know a mailing address and I’ll send one along!

    Andra Spurr, Publisher
    Zone 4 mgazine


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