Get yer June on…

“The garden is an unhappy place for the perfectionist. Too much stands beyond our control here, and the only thing we can absolutely count on is eventual catastrophe. Success in the garden is the moment in time, that week in June when the perennials unanimously bloom and the border jells…it’s easy to get discouraged, unless, like the green thumb, you are happier to garden in time than in space; unless, that is, your heart is in the verb.”

–Michael Pollan, Second Nature

Howdy gardeners–

According to the Missoula County Extension Service’s G-calendar, a very helpful guide ( calender.pdf), May is a month for sowing carrot and cucumber seeds, onions, lettuce (plant every 10 days?), broccoli, potatoes, beans. But now soil temp is surpassing 60 degrees!, which is nice because we can begin to plant the type of veggies minds are attuned to hearing (namely tomatoes y corns).

The average last frost date for Missoula is May 23 so if yer an antsy, wormy or nematody Missoula gardener like I am, you will plant yer corn soon. Soon enough so that, depending on the variety, you’ll give them enough of a growing season to expel kernels while still avoiding the frost potential that atypical Montana seasons flex. My mother’s first attempt in 2009 to plant corn on Woodford Street was very unsuccessful. She put another batch of seeds in the ground this weekend. We lie in wait. The garden calendar also says “you can plant early tomatoes and cucumber transplants if you use a row cover fabric or wall-of-waters.”  Peas, Max


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  1. Posted by Shaun on June 3, 2009 at 10:41 pm

    The corn is up! ( remember to plant at least two varieties and feed heavily) Yahoo! Also, beets, beans, nasty nasturtiums, peas are high, tons of volunteer lettuces (troutback, red romaine, green leaf, bib–I recommend letting a couple go to seed in the fall and shaking them all over your plot for early salad), radishes, and thanks for the strawberry plants, Steve Orvitz! Your raspberries, poppies, irises, daisies and dandelions are probably out like mine, right?


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