Digging and the art of neo-garden generosity

Today Mason Giem will be leading a crew of volunteers down the winding road to berryville.

He plans to leave the UC/University library parking lot at 5:30 and the venture shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours. It’s a long bike ride to the house on the West side of town, so we recommend carpooling. We will have a car or two there to do such things. Call Mason at 406-596-6273 for more information.

I’ve convinced my mother, Shaun Gant –although it wasn’t very hard to do so–to participate in a three-way trade of gardening widgets.

1) Steve, a friend of one of the greatest new gardeners in the world, has offered up his berry patches for aspiring gardeners.

2) Out of this digathon will come a bounty of “Everbearing” strawberry plants, some of which will go to Shaun’s burgeoning jardin in the slant-streets neighborhood.

3) For these mid-summer delights, Shaun has agreed to give a bundle of the tomato seedlings (cherry, canning and eatable varieties) that she’s been rearing for weeks to Marci Watson, one of the top ten new gardeners in the world. Marci plans to transplant the little seedlings into larger containers on her summer deck (where they will, as so many have done in my mother’s care, likely shoot up real high-like).

This is the sort of resource sharing and trading that 1kng encourages. If you have extra plants or seeds and have a desire for something outlandish, post a comment here and we’ll see what finds you… This is the system we have in place now, but the plan is to set up a groovily formal Craiglist for vegetablers soon.

We haven’t quite figured out the name [“Eplantlist” (short for eggplant list), “The Ceres Series” (after the godess of agriculture), “VegList”, “ArugulaList” are being tossed about casually] or exactly how to create a local Craiglist, but we’re on the beet. Do you have any ideas?

For information about strawberries (including choosing varieties, planting and harvesting) check out this site.

Love ya,



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