gardening at 201 chestnut

I’m writing the day after the first seeds were planted, a process which seemed to take a long time after the initial work day. I think i have had insemination anxiety, which has resulted in getting a lot of opinions before doing anything. And there a lot of opinions out there! For instance is there too much horse manure in there?  Maybe, maybe the soil is too acidic, so I worked a lot in and raked a lot off, storing it in the compost for next year. How about planting in rows, vs a cluster pattern. Rick pointed out that people don’t like to line up –it makes them feel vulnerable and bossed around –so why should make our vegetables do that?  How about the deer because the garden is so close to the park and the river?  Philip and I put extra high fencing and that brought me around to a good garden tip in harsh way –always wear goggles when cutting metal fencing that is wound up like a spring or a rat trap! I nearly lost my right eye to gardening yesterday when we cut a length of rolled up fencing with bolt cutters and it whipped out like a giant angry cat nearly clipping me eye into jelly!  Very lucky, and just little scarred.

And then some planting. I was amazed at how many seeds were actually in these little packets, and how small they were –directions like space eight inches or six inches or even one foot apart seemed impossible to accomplish. All my consultants said that they thinned after some successful plants came up.  Right now it just seems like a wilderness of possibility –I had to make another diagram as to what was planted where. Another tip I am following through with –don’t let the seeds dry out once they are sown–the soil should be lightly moist all through germination.

I saw some fellow gardeners with drip irrigation and they talked about kits ont he market that got them started with that. I went to Home Depot, Loewes and Quality Supply looking for such a thing, no luck. Ace has got pieces of home systems, but no starter kits. My consultants have offered ideas about it that seem specialized –that tomato plants don’t like their leaves wet, or that water that is aerated is SOMETIMES better than soaker hoses.

I think my advice needs a balance with more experience, but the seeds are sown!



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  1. Hey I think this blog is really interesting 🙂


  2. Posted by bluebarnfarmer on May 28, 2009 at 7:05 pm

    About proper spacing and thinning…My dad says he thins the plants by eating them so I wouldn’t worry too much about having too much romaine or radishes.


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